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The Viral Sleep Gummies that help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep

Dream Gummies are natural sleep gummies that were specially formulated to get you the deepest sleep possible, without next day grogginess

The secret? Our blend of 6 (easy to pronounce) ingredients that are safe & proven to work.

Fall asleep faster

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Our all natural blend was specially created to help relax your mind & body, so you can drift off to a good nights sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle the day!

Natural Ingredients

6 ingredients that you can pronounce & are safe

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Fast acting

Within 20-30 minutes your body & mind will feel ready for sleep

Non habit-forming

Unlike most sleeping pills, Dream Gummies are not addictive.

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5/5 rating

“These knock me out”

Jim T.


Dream Gummies

5/5 rating

“Delicious and effective”

Tina H.


Dream Gummies

5/5 rating

“I can finally sleep now”

Tina H.


Dream Gummies


88,888+ Trusted Customer Reviews

Dream Gummies

Made with effective & science-backed ingredients, Dream Gummies promote nighttime relaxation making it easier to fall asleep, and sleep deeper. Feel effects in as little as 30 minutes.

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Lullaby Berry Tastes like blueberries and vanilla.

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Simple & Safe Ingredients
for deep & long sleep

Hemp Extract

Reduce inflammation & ease anxiety


A low dose for sleep support


Electrolyte for better sleep


Promotes relaxed brain activity


For stress reduction and relaxation


Reduces brain activity to relax

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Simple Ingredients

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Plant Based

Big Pharma

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FREE US Shipping

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10,000+ reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Sweet Dreams make me feel?

To put it short, our products were formulated to help you feel relief and put you in a state of relaxation before bedtime. You're going to feel sleepy and wake up rested.