Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Free Dream Gummies Trial
Social Media’s Favorite Sleep Gummy

Free Dream Gummies Trial

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Dream Gummies use a blend of natural sleep inducing ingredients combined with delicious flavors to bring you a more restorative sleep.

  • Custom formula designed specifically towards helping you fall asleep quicker, with deeper sleep.
  • Wake up refreshed, without the next day grogginess and fatigue.
  • Plant based, low sugar, non-addictive formula.

Tastes like blueberries

Tastes like strawberries & vanilla

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How it works


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Get a 5 night's worth of gummies for free, just pay shipping.


5 Night Trial

You have 5 nights to experience Dream Gummies and see if they're right for you.


Save 15%

After your trial ends, we'll ship you a monthly supply for 15% off and free shipping.

Powerful, clean, and safe ingredients.

Plant Extract

Ancient herb derived to ease anxiety


Electrolyte for better sleep


Promotes relaxed brain activity


For stress reduction and relaxation


Reduces brain activity to relax


A low dose to deliver a good sleep

Real people, real sleep improvement.

In a small batch study using Whoop and Oura, we were able to track sleep scores before and after taking Sweet Dreams.

Sleep Score Before

Total Sleep



Deep Sleep

REM Sleep


Total Sleep



Deep Sleep

REM Sleep

Sleep Score After

Total Sleep



Deep Sleep

REM Sleep


Total Sleep



Deep Sleep

REM Sleep

5 Reasons why our sleep gummies will help you sleep better


Calms anxiety and stress to enter into bliss state

The ingredients in Dream Gummies relax the central nervous system to calm your mind before bedtime and ease you into a blissful mind state.

Fall asleep quicker with a fast acting formula

Dream Gummies were formulated by a team of specialists to help you doze off into a deep sleep in under an hour. The ingredients work hand in hand, quickly, to prepare your body and mind for a restful night

Find deeper sleep and achieve REM

Dream Gummies use a blend of 6 potent and synergistic ingredients that work together to keep you asleep through the night. Deep sleep state allows for your body to fully recover and reach REM, which is the most crucial part of your sleep.

Regulates a healthier sleep schedule for life consistency

Better days start with better sleep. When incorporated in your nightly routine, Dream Gummies help with regulating brain/body activity with stress levels and also regulating your sleep-wake patterns with melatonin.

Created with naturally occurring ingredients

Dream Gummies are made with an ingredients list that you can actually pronounce. Our formula's foundation is built off of potent hemp and uses naturally occurring compounds to deliver a blissful sleep.

What our deep sleepers are saying

“Consistent good quality sleep, finally”

First time I've taken a sleep gummy and it's actually worked for more than one night. Dream gummies give me that deep sleep every night.

Marianne J

"TikTok's best reccomendation"

Figured I'd give them a shot and see what everyone is raving about. These taste delicious and knock me out in 15 minutes.

Jamal C

"I'm sleeping like a baby"

I live in downtown NY so it's always super loud. I always struggle falling asleep and these gummies are able to help me sleep super quickly, and actually stay asleep.

Katherine W.

Optimized Dosing

Plant Based

Low Sugar

Simple Ingredients

3rd Party Tested

Delicious Taste

Other Brands

Us vs Other Brands

We put sleep first, they don't.

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Frequently asked questions, answered

Will Dream Gummies get me high?

No. Our gummies will not get you high, only sleepy. Our products contain NO psychoactive ingredients.

How does the trial work?

It's simple! We send you a pack of 5 gummies and give you one week to see if the gummies work for you. After one week, we'll make your life easier and send you a monthly supply. If you don't like them, you can cancel anytime within your one week.

How long will it take before I feel sleepy?

After taking one gummy, effects start to show within one hour of consumption. Make sure you're somewhere cozy!

How many gummies should I take?

We're confident you’ll love the taste and will be tempted to eat the whole pack, but one gummy is the perfect dose. We advise against taking anything more than that.

How do Dream Gummies ingredients work? 

Our special formula uses hemp extract as a base, and we sprinkle in a combination other sleep inducing ingredients such as Gaba, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Magnesium, and Ashwagandha. These ingredients work together to help you relax and get to sleep quicker, and deeper.

Are Dream Gummies vegan friendly?

Yes! We use plant based, vegan pectin as the base of our gummy and all other ingredients are vegan friendly. No artificial colors or flavoring here! 

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. You must be 18+ to purchase and consume our gummies

Can I take this if I am pregnant?

No, you should not. We strongly advise against pregnant women from taking our products.

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